HTTP negotiation with JSON API-compliant servers. Used in tandem with elm-jsonapi.
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HTTP negotiation with JSON API-compliant servers. Intended for use with elm-jsonapi.

See the documentation at:


For a live usage example, see the /example directory in the project repo.

Note: The example app requires you to run a Sinatra server, meaning you will need Ruby and Rack installed. 1. Compile the elm file: cd example && elm make Main.elm 2. Open the resulting html file [open|tee|firefox] index.html 3. Run the sinatra server (and make sure it runs on port 9292 if that's not your default): rackup -p 9292

-- from `noahzgordon/elm-jsonapi`
import JsonApi.Resources
-- from `noahzgordon/elm-jsonapi-http`
import JsonApi.Http

type alias Model =
    { protagonist : Maybe Character

type alias Character =
    { firstName : String
    , lastName : String

characterDecoder : Json.Decode.Decoder Character
characterDecoder =
    Json.Decode.object2 Character
        ("first-name" := Json.Decode.string)
        ("last-name" := Json.Decode.string)

getProtagonist : Cmd Message
getProtagonist =
    JsonApi.Http.getPrimaryResource "http://localhost:9292/luke"
        |> Task.perform ProtagonistFailedToLoad ProtagonistLoaded

update message model =
    case message of
        ProtagonistLoaded resource ->
            { model | protagonist = JsonApi.Resources.attributes characterDecoder resource |> Result.toMaybe } ! []

        ProtagonistFailedToLoad e ->
            Debug.log ("Remember to start the server on port 9292! " ++ toString e) (model ! [])