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*To test out the framework, clone the directory and navigate to it in your terminal. Then run:

ruby bin/test_server.rb

This will set up a WEBrick server listening on port 3000. Finally, navigate in your web broswer of choice to localhost:3000.

Ruby on 'Trails'

A clone of Rails, the popular application development framework.

Much of the work on this project was done with the guidance and assistance of App Academy's top-notch instructurs. But the following features were built up from scratch, all by my lonesome!

##Bonus Features:

  • Consolidation of files into an intuitive structure.
    • System files are located in the 'lib' directory, and execution files are located in the 'bin' directory. Subject to change.
  • The Flash
    • for quick and easy errors/notices!
    • messages are stored on a cookie and wiped on subsequent requests.
  • CSRF protection.
    • via an authenticity token stored on the session cookie.
  • Functional URL Helpers
    • Uses Ruby metaprogramming to defined a custom URL helper method on a controller whenever a new route is called.
  • ActiveRecord
    • the largest addition; allows Rails models to interact and fetch dynamically from a SQLite database.
    • SQLObjects (similar to ActiveRecord::Base) can persist to the database via instance methods, and can be fetched via the "all" and "where" methods.
    • Heavy use Ruby metaprogramming and custom SQL queries.
    • IN PROGRESS: Implementation of a Relation class which allows method calls to be chained.


  • Completion of the ActiveRecord Relation, with chainable #where and #includes methods.
  • a routes.rb file which automatically writes routes.
  • URL Helpers and URLHelper module.
  • link_to and button_to helpers.
  • support for rendering partials.
  • nested routing.