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Live slides are at

Pycubator (Python Incubator) is a collection of slides and exercises for teaching Python. These slides are meant to be used in a teacher-led classroom, but also, put a strong emphasis on student exploration and participation.

It utilizes RevealJS to create stunning slides, that are actually written in Markdown and hence easy to use with source control, and the exercises uses Jupyter notebooks to reduce the amount boilerplate code the students needs to write.

Pycubator leading principles are:

  • Talk less, practice more.
  • Real world examples

Running locally

  • Run python3 script to generate the HTML files.
  • Run cd docs && python3 -m http.server and open your browser!


  • Slides are at docs/slides/ and are in MD form so it's very easy to edit them.
  • Exercises are Jupyter (IPython) notebooks residing at docs/exercises.
  • After making some changes follow running locally


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License