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Generalized Additive Models in R: A Free Interactive Course
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Welcome! This is the source repository for Generalized Additive Models in R: A Free Interactive Course, hosted at:

This course is based on material developed collaboratively over years of teaching workshops with David Miller, Gavin L. Simpson, Eric J. Pedersen.

The site itself is built on an amazing framework created by Ines Montani, originally created for her spaCy course. The front-end is powered by Gatsby and Reveal.js and the back-end code execution uses Binder. Florencia D'Andrea helped port the course materials and made the lovely logo.

If you are interested in building a course on this framework, see Ines's starter repos for making courses in Python and R, and her behind-the-scenes explanation of how the framework works at the original course repo.

The course material in this course is licensed CC-BY, meaning you are free to use it, change it, and remix it as long as you attribute me as the original course. The code is MIT-licensed.

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