My entry for Django Dash 2012.
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My entry for Django Dash 2012.


Comminator is social site for submitting topics, links -- anything, really -- and have other users comment on them. Comments with a lot of votes quickly rise to the top. Users can vote on comments submitted by other users, and comments with a lot of votes will quickly rise to the top. When users like certain comments a lot, they can follow their author. Following another user is the best way to stay up to date on their submissions.y Users can see the feed composed of threads submitted by those they follow by sorting their home page with the "Personalized" option. Users can follow other users by clicking the "Follow" button on their profile page.

Quick list of things to do when using Comminator:

Login with Facebook! (purely optional, Comminator supports native logins)

Create a thread

Post a comment

Vote on comments

Check our your profile

Visit other profiles, and follow other users

Sort your feed by any of our options (Personalized, Recent, Most Comments)


Visit the site at

Run locally

To run locally, install the requirements via pip, sync the db, run migrations, and run the server.