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This is the source code of the website It uses Jekyll to generate static pages localy based on layout files and meta information.

Contributions are very welcome, you can use GitHub's feature to edit files directly in your browser, or fork the repository and send a pull request for bigger changes.


Please use GitHub Gist to create a new Dreamcode that you'd like to be listed on Once you created the gist (instructions) let us know about it or add it yourself


The goal is to list apps that are implemented using different noBackend solutions, so developers can get a quick comparision. As is still very young, we only have one example, an invoicing app. We very much invite you to extend the example by adding implementations of the backend using existing noBackend solutions.

If you'd like to add another example, please make sure it has at least two different implementations for the backend.


We get quite some suggestions for more providers or solutions to add to our list. First of all, please be patient, we give our best to keep up!

But before adding more solutions to the list, we kindly ask you to add an implementation of our example app, as well as a link to a proper documentation of the solutions frontend API.


Blog posts are simple static files in the /_posts folder. If you'd like to submit a post, feel free to send a pull request.

Help us <3

This is early days of noBackend. Help us, by sending over feedback, spreading the word, fixing some typos, make a shiny design for the website, add an implementation for our example app, add entirely new example apps, add new noBackend solutions.

What ever comes to your mind, this is a community endeavor, and you are more than invited to help making it prosper.


© 2017 Gregor Martynus Licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

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