A minimalistic Oauth server in php
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A minimalistic Open Authentication Provider in php

The Oauth server mainly handles three types of requests

  • Login by users
  • Authenticating Client
  • Api calls

In short, when the client wants to use a users credential,

  • The user is redirected to a login page with the client key
  • The server creates a request token if the user is successfully authenticated.
  • The client then requests the server for a access token using the request token and the clients secret
  • If the client secret and the request token are found to be generic, the client is provided a access token

This access token can be used with all the requests made by client to authenticate the client.


Clone the repository

git clone git@github.com:nobelium/oauth.git

Edit the config file

emacs -nw ./oauth/class/config.inc.php

Import the Mysql dump

Make sure you have installed mod_rewrite for apache Don't forget to add the repo to /etc/httpd/conf so as to allow rewrite rule

This is a very minimalistic Oauth provider. This can be scalled to authentica client with different type of permissions