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Laravel DB Commands

Here are few Artisan commands to help with common database tasks. This package currently handles:

Note: Currently, this package only supports MySQL. Should you have a need for a different database driver, please open an issue or feel free to fork and pull request away.


Install with Composer:

composer require nobodyiscertain/laravel-db-commands

Add service provider to config/app.php:


On the command line, run:

php artisan vendor:publish

This will publish the config file laravel-db-commands.php to your config directory. You will need to configure that to match your setup and you should be good to go! Details on the configuration for each of the commands can be found below.

Pulling the Database

This command makes it a snap to pull a database dump from a specific environment. After you have it configured, a simple php artisan db:pull production will pull the production database and import it locally.

How to Run

php artisan db:pull <db_connection_name>

db_connection_name: Pass in the name of the connection used in your config/database.php that you'd like to pull.


dbpull_auto_import: If you would like the database to be auto imported locally after it's pulled, set this to true, otherwise, false.

dbpull_local_db_conn: Set this to the name of your local db connection you'd like the dump imported to.

dbpull_dump_destination: Set this to a local path you'd like the dump to be stored. I generally use /tmp so it'll get wiped.

Preparing the Test Database

This command saves the hassle of typing the lengthy artisan command to refresh the testing database and, optionally, run the seeds. Inspried by a similar command in Rails.

How to Run

php artisan db:test-prepare


testing_db_connection: Set this to the name of the testing database connection configured in config/database.php.

testing_run_seeds: If you'd like to run the seeds after the database is refreshed, set this to true, otherwise, false.

Backing up the Database

This command will pull a database dump and upload it to a configured filesystem location. It's great for making one off backups or scheduling with Artisan to make automated backups a breeze.

How to Run

php artisan db:backup


backup_db_conn: This is the name of database connection in config/database.php you'd like to backup. Keep in mind the context of where this command will run. If it's going to be run on the a prodcution server, then most likely it'll be your default mysql connection.

backup_dump_destination: A local filepath to store the database dump. If on a UNIX-based system, /tmp works great.

backup_disk: This is the disk name from config/filesystems.php that you'd like to permanently store the database dump.

If you'd like to setup automated backups, drop in something like this into app/Console/Kernal.php.



A set of Artisan commands for common database tasks.






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