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This external check allows public dns records monitoring without zabbix agent or dns server access. It is also useful when you want to know if the pinged host does not exist (that's right).

  • Low-Level Discovery
  • Bulk items upload with zabbix-sender
  • Efficient: no unnecessary processes are spawned
  • Configurable

Note: for simple agent dns monitoring you should use net.dns.record


It is possible to control what data is gathered by providing arguments to the discovery script in template -> Discovery -> DNS Check Discovery -> Key. Based on that, items and triggers will be created and the script will behave differently. For simplicity's sake templates are created for general use: Workstation, Server and Mail Server. Its contents are identical, only arguments to the script differs.

Argument Possible values Comment
sys.argv[1] get, getverb Regular or verbose mode. In verbose you can see zabbix sender output.
sys.argv[2] e.g. DNS name of the host. {HOST.DNS} in zabbix.
sys.argv[3] e.g. Example host Host name from host's configuration. {HOST.HOST} in zabbix.
sys.argv[4] ptrYES, ptrNO Whether gather PTR or not. Will spawn additional process for each found IP address.
sys.argv[5] ipv6YES, ipv6NO IPv6 records. Will not spawn additional process.
sys.argv[6] mxYES, mxNO MX. Will not spawn additional process.
sys.argv[7] txtYES, txtNO TXT. Will spawn additional process.


Requires python3, zabbix-sender, bind9-host (Debian) or bind-utils (Centos) packages. Uses host binary.

Take a look at script's first lines and change values if necessary. Its important to specify serverIP (server or proxy) in

Place scripts in externalscripts directory on your server or proxy.

mv /usr/lib/zabbix/externalscripts/

Apply necessary permissions.

chmod 750
chown root:zabbix
chmod 750
chown root:zabbix

Import required templates in zabbix web interface. Then assign hosts and wait.

Note: before scripts would work, zabbix server must first discover available items. It is done in 12 hour cycles by default. You can temporary decrease this parameter for testing in template -> Discovery -> DNS Check Discovery -> Update interval.


./ get '' 'Example workstation' ptrNO ipv6NO mxNO txtNO

Process host Example workstation with dns gathering only IPv4 records.

./ getverb '' 'Example server' ptrYES ipv6YES mxNO txtNO

Verbosely process host Example server with dns gathering IPv4, PTR and IPv6 records.

./ getverb '' 'Example mail server' ptrYES ipv6YES mxYES txtYES

Verbosely process host Example mail server with dns gathering IPv4, PTR, IPv6, MX and TXT records.

These scripts were tested to work with following configurations:

  • Centos 7 / Zabbix 3.0 / Python 3.4
  • Debian 10 / Zabbix 5.0 / Python 3.7



External check for monitoring host's dns entries without access to the server. Supports A, AAAA, PTR, MX and TXT records. With LLD and bulk data sending.





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