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Implementation of the danish Bilinfo GET listings API, for SilverStripe
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Implementation of the danish Bilinfo GET listings API

The API is very limited as it simply returns a big payload of json with all vehicle listings.

composer require nobrainer-web/silverstripe-bilinfo


  • SilverStripe 4
  • PHP 7.3 (for better json_encode error handling)
  • A user at Bilinfo

API Credentials

The BilInfo API requires a username and password. You must set these in .env with these variables:



  • SS_BILINFO_USER='demo'

Build Tasks

To pull down data from the BilInfo API and save it, you can use GetApiDataTask. This task should probably be run as a cron job, once a day.

Then you would use GetSinceDaysDataTask every hour or so, to get latest updated API data. The ?sincedays param is by default set 1.


No listings will ever be automatically deleted from the database. They will only be marked with ExternalDeletedDate.

This would give you the power to decide for yourself how long you want to keep deleted (sold listings) data.

A note on DB fields in this module

Almost all fields saved from the API data are saved as Varchar. This is because pretty much everything in the json data from the API, is formatted as strings.. and we also do not now all possible values of any of the fields


  • Translations and proper strings for equipment names
  • Support for Video/360 images
  • Support to output other sizes of listing image urls
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