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PDF viewer for Gtk+
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This is the early beginning of an attempt to provide a PDF file
reader/viewer for the Linux desktop that isn't such a pain to use.

Yes, there is evince and epdfview.  But they are bad.  What I mean:

1. Some very common actions (such as jumping to a particular page) have
no keyboard bindings.

2. What keyboard bindings there are consist of multiple modifier keys so
relief from carpal-stressing mouse handling is slight.

3. Making the preceding points worse, tab order in the interface is
inconsistent or wrong.

4. There is no browser-like breadcrumb feature - you cannot visit a
different place in the document and then return with a simple click or

5. (A pet issue of mine) When reading a document with bookmarks, the
page view and the bookmark view are not synchronized.  Meaning when you
go to a spot by clicking on a bookmark, then do a couple of page-up or
page-down in the page window, then you switch back to the bookmark
window and hit a key, you're dumped to where you started.

Etc., the list goes on.  To use them is torture, and it is all the more
embarassing that Acrobat Reader gets most of these points right.  It
feels like 2002 again and the long wait for Mozilla, except this time
there seems to be no Mozilla in sight.

I honestly considered improving epdfview and contributing my changes
back, but its author seems to be offline and so is the SVN repo.
Besides, it is written in C++ :-P

evince is out of the question for me because of its heavy Gnome

Ian Zimmerman
gpg public key: 1024D/C6FF61AD
fingerprint: 66DC D68F 5C1B 4D71 2EE5  BD03 8A00 786C C6FF 61AD
Rule 420: All persons more than eight miles high to leave the court.
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