Rotate (or slide?) a sushi on the LCD panel using ESP8266, AQM1248A and MicroPython
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Rotate (or slide) a sushi on the LCD panel using ESP-WROOM-02 (ESP8266) development board, AQM1248A and MicroPython.

How to play

At first, connect ESP-WROOM-02 and AQM1248A by jumper wires.

How to wire

Then, put the python script files ( and to the ESP-WROOM-02 board. You can put the files to the board using adafruit-ampy, which can be installed by pip.

Notice that the should be renamed as

C:\temp>ampy -p COM5 put

C:\temp>ampy -p COM5 put /

(Assume that ESP-WROOM-02 board are connected to COM5 on the PC.)

Then, a sushi should be moved from left side to right. It will work if the micro USB terminal is connected to a battery.

About Sushi bitmap image

Sushi Emoji is provided free by Using the Sushi SVG file in the Black & White SVG Files, bitmap image is created, and converted to Python data file.