Implementations of ECB, CTR, EAX, CMAC and CMAC-KDF using the ECB periphera of the nrf51xxx uControllerl
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Cryptography Library for nRF51

  • Uses AES-ECB hardware peripheral
  • Includes target test app that runs the EAX test vectors
  • Includes host test app that verifies the test vectors from NIST 800-38B, EAX papes, NIST 800-38A F5.1 (requires OpenSSL)


  1. Edit Makefile, special note to edit the path to the NRF-SDK (tested against SDK 10.0)

  2. Edit main.c:

 #define SUCCESS_LED 10
 #define ERROR_LED 12
  1. make:

    Output files in _build directory. Program to nRF51 dev. board to run tests on target.

  2. make test:

    Fakes ECB peripheral using openssl, then runs tests on host.