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Open Source Hardware TDCS

Getting Started

If you've never used gEDA before, start with this simple tutorial. Once you're familiar with the gschem and pcb UI feel free to clone the repo in github with the fork button or clone the repo using the CLI:

git clone

Interesting Files in the Repo

  • tdcs.sch:

    gschem schematic. Edit this file with gschem to add or remove components or change the way the components are connected.

  • tdcs.pcb:

    pcb layout. Edit with pcb to change the locations of the components on the board or to place new components added in gschem.

  • attrib:

    template files for the fields that should appear in a bill of materials file generated by gnetlist

  • project:

    gsch2pcb project file. Setup options to import tdcs.sch into board.pcb. Options like path to pcb footprints, names of schematics to process, and output name.

  • gafrc:

     Options for gschem. Primarily the location of local schematic
  • gerber/tdcs/*:

    Gerber files generated from the *.pcb files. This directory is designed such that the contents can be compressed and sent to OSH Park without modification.

  • gerber/

    Zipfile ready for upload to OSHPark .

  • bom.txt:

    Bill of Materials, the components you need to buy to populate the board. Auto generated via gnetlist from the schematic.

General Workflow

  1. Add new components or change the circuit diagram in tdcs.sch using gschem.

  2. Run: gsch2pcb project

  3. Follow the instructions provided by gsch2pcb to insert the new components.

  4. Adjust the pcb layout using pcb

  5. Export your layout to gerber: cd gerbers && ./

  6. Recreate the BoM: gnetlist -g bom -o bom.txt tdcs.sch

Getting the PCB made

I plan to add this to the wiki, but for now this post is a good starting point elaborated on slightly below:

  1. In a web browser: Browse to, select "Get Started Now", then "Select a file on your computer". Select in the gerbers/ directory. Fill out the name, contact and billing information.

  2. Wait for boards to arrive. While you're waiting you'll want to checkout bom.txt for a list of parts to order and this post for some accessories you'll want.


All files are licensed CC-BY 3.0. Full text of license is available in LICENSE.txt