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PHP SDK for Nocks
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Nocks SDK PHP is a php package for Nocks. It can be used in any php >=5.4.0 environment. The SDK supports both the calls to the Nocks api endpoints as well to the oauth endpoints.


This SDK uses composer.

Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the libraries your project depends on and it will manage (install/update) them for you.

For more information on how to use/install composer, please visit:

To install this SDK into your project with composer, simply use:

$ composer require nocksapp/nocks-sdk-php

Getting Started


The NocksOauth class provides the following methods:

  • getOauthUri
  • requestToken
  • refreshToken
  • passwordGrantToken
  • scopes
  • tokenScopes


require '../../vendor/autoload.php';

use Nocks\SDK\NocksOauth;
use Nocks\SDK\Constant\Platform;

try {
    $clientId = '1';
    $clientSecret = '1234';
    $scopes = [''];
    $redirectUri = '';

    $nocksOauth = new NocksOauth(Platform::SANDBOX, $clientId, $clientSecret, $scopes, $redirectUri);
    $uri = $nocksOauth->getOauthUri();

    // For example, redirect the user to the Nocks login page
    header('Location: ' . $uri);
} catch (\Nocks\SDK\Exception\Exception $e) {
    // Handle any SDK exception

Please checkout the oauth docs and examples to see how the oauth methods can be used.


The NocksApi class provides all the Nocks resources. Please checkout the resources docs and examples.

require '../../vendor/autoload.php';

use Nocks\SDK\NocksApi;
use Nocks\SDK\Constant\Platform;

try {
    $accessToken = 'your_access_token';
    $nocksApi = new NocksApi(Platform::SANDBOX, $accessToken);

    $user = $nocksApi->user->findAuthenticated();
} catch (\Nocks\SDK\Exception\Exception $e) {
    // Handle any SDK exception


The result returned from a method call in the SDK will differ, please check the PHPDocs to see what will be returned from a method. Most of the time it will be a Model or a NocksResponse.


A Model is just a simple object which holds the data returned from the api. Each Model will provide the necessary getters and setters for the specific data.


A NocksResponse is an object which holds a data array and a pagination object. This is typically returned from a .find method.


require '../../vendor/autoload.php';

use Nocks\SDK\NocksApi;
use Nocks\SDK\Constant\Platform;

try {
    $accessToken = 'your_access_token';
    $nocksApi = new NocksApi(Platform::SANDBOX, $accessToken);

    $result = $nocksApi->transaction->find();
    $result->getPagination(); // Do something with pagination
    // Loop through transactions
    foreach ($result->getData() as $transaction) {
        // Do something with the transaction
} catch (\Nocks\SDK\Exception\Exception $e) {
    // Handle any SDK exception


The SDK uses the following exceptions. All exceptions are inherit from Nocks\SDK\Exception\Exception.

  • Nocks\SDK\Exception\Exception (super)
    • Nocks\SDK\Exception\HttpException (super)
      • Nocks\SDK\Exception\BadRequestException
      • Nocks\SDK\Exception\ForbiddenException
      • Nocks\SDK\Exception\GoneException
      • Nocks\SDK\Exception\InternalServerError
      • Nocks\SDK\Exception\MethodNotAllowedException
      • Nocks\SDK\Exception\NotAcceptable
      • Nocks\SDK\Exception\NotFoundException
      • Nocks\SDK\Exception\ServiceUnavailable
      • Nocks\SDK\Exception\TooManyRequests
      • Nocks\SDK\Exception\UnauthorizedException
    • Nocks\SDK\Exception\ValidationException
    • Nocks\SDK\Exception\ScopeConfigurationException


A HttpException is thrown when a http call to Nocks fails. The HttpException is the super exception and the actual exception that is thrown is corresponding to the http statuscode, see the documentation.


A ValidationException may occur when you call a function with invalid parameters or when there are missing required parameters. For example:

use Nocks\SDK\NocksApi;
use Nocks\SDK\Constant\Platform;

try {
    $accessToken = 'your_access_token';
    $nocksApi = new NocksApi(Platform::SANDBOX, $accessToken);

    $userToUpdate = new User();
    // $userToUpdate->setUuid('1234'); Will occur in an exception when not set
    $user = $nocksApi->user->update($userToUpdate);
} catch (\Nocks\SDK\Exception\ValidationException $e) {
    // A ValidationException will be thrown when the $userToUpdate has no uuid

Note that the SDK doesn't check your request data, if there is something wrong with your data, the http call will resolve in a HttpException


A ScopeConfigurationException may occur when calling a function which depends on a certain scope parameter that was not provided. For example, calling a private resource while there was no accessToken configured:

use Nocks\SDK\NocksApi;
use Nocks\SDK\Constant\Platform;

try {
    $accessToken = null;
    $nocksApi = new NocksApi(Platform::SANDBOX, $accessToken);

    $userToUpdate = new User([
        'uuid' => '1234',
        'locale' => 'nl_NL',
    $user = $nocksApi->user->update($userToUpdate);
} catch (\Nocks\SDK\Exception\ScopeConfigurationException $e) {
    // A ScopeConfigurationException will be thrown when the $accessToken is null


In the examples directory you will find examples for each call that is supported in this SDK.


Need help or support? Please check

Found a bug? Please check the existing GitHub issues and open a new issue if necessary. Or even better, create a pull request to directly resolve the issue you have found!

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