Robot control code for the Cal Poly Robotics Club's 2005 entry into the Roborodentia competition
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Robot control code for the Cal Poly Robotics Club's 2005 entry into the Roborodentia competition


  • Taylor Braun-Jones
  • Logan Kinde
  • Patrick McCarty
  • Michael Shelley
  • Scott Barlow

This software is written for the Atmel Atmega32 processor using the free gcc-avr C compiler. It has been tested on the ERE EMBMega32 developement board from ERE ( but should run on any Atmega32 processor, although it will be useless without the right peripherals connected to the proper pins on the Atmega chip.

TODO: Some high-level information about what our program does and how to configure, compile, load, and run on the chip.


Software Build Requirements

  • make (only tested with GNU make)
  • avr-gcc
  • avr-binutils
  • avr-libc
  • AVRlib (bundled in thirdparty/ directory)

To program the ATmega32 chip, you will need a ISP programming cable and programming software such as avrdude or MEGA32ISP. We used MEGA32ISP and the following fuse bit configuration:

BOOTRST = Address $0000
BOOTSZ(1...0) Select Boot Size = 256      Words (11)   [3F00H - 3FFFH]
EESAVE = checked
CKOPT = checked
SPIEN = checked, but greyed out
JTAGEN = unchecked
OCDEN = unchecked
CKSEL(0...3) Select Clock = External Crystal/Ceramic Resonator (1111)
SUT(5...4) Select start-up time = Reserved (11)
BODEN Brown-out Detector enable = unchecked
BODLEVEL Brown-out level = 4.0 V

Documentation Build Requirements

Documenation in HTML and PDF format is generated using the following packages:

  • doxygen (>= 1.7.5 for BibTeX support)
  • graphviz
  • latex
  • convert (ImageMagick CLI)
  • perl
  • gaf >= 1.9 (from gEDA toolset)

To install version 1.9 of gaf on an Ubuntu system run:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mehanik/geda-unstable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install geda-gaf

Documentation Build Instructions

The first time you generate documenation in the doc directory a second clone of the caddy git repository will be created from the main GitHub-hosted one. Pushing updates to the special gh-pages remote branch publishes them to:

The documentation build, commit, and publish workflow looks like this:

# Starting from the project base directory
make doc
cd doc/html
git add .
git commit -m "Update doxygen-generated documentation"
git push origin gh-pages


Caddy is released under GPLv3 license (see COPYING). This is by requirement because Caddy uses the GPL-licensed AVRlib library.