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Sass CSS converter for Jekyll based on jekyll-less
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Sass for Jekyll

This gem provides a Jekyll converter for Sass files.

Basic Setup

Install the gem:

[sudo] gem install jekyll-sass

With Jekyll 2, simply add the gem to your _config.yml gems list:

gems: [jekyll-sass]

Or for previous versions, create a plugin file within your Jekyll project's _plugins directory:

# _plugins/my-plugin.rb
require "jekyll-sass"

Place .scss files anywhere in your Jekyll project's directory. These will be converted to .css files with the same directory path and filename. For example, if you create an scss file at css/my-stuff/styles.scss, then the corresponding css file would end up at css/my-stuff/styles.css.

Bundler Setup

Using bundler to manage gems for your Jekyll project? Just add

gem "jekyll-sass"

to your gemfile and create the following plugin in your projects _plugins directory. This will automatically require all of the gems specified in your Gemfile.

# _plugins/bundler.rb
require "rubygems"
require "bundler/setup"


In your _config.yml

# defaults
	style:  expanded  # nested|expanded|compact|compressed
	deploy_style: compressed  # nested|expanded|compact|compressed
	# "deploy_style:" is used only for building the site
	# (ie: not using the --watch flag)

	compile_in_place: false   # true|false
	# If true, compiles sass directly into your jekyll source directory
	# As well as your destination directory


This gem is based on @zroger's jekyll-less, with contributions from @zznq, @Tambling, @rebelzach, @kelvinst, and @bitboxer.

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