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Todopia Release Notes

0.3.10 (hotfix)

  • Fixed bug with unfiled todos not showing in daily email
  • Fixed width issue in Safari
  • Moved contextMenu css to sass include


  • Added textile formatting to notes
  • Fixed positioning of note popup

0.3.8 (hotfix)

  • upgraded to 2.3.8 (ugh)
  • fixed bug which sends empty daily todos (sorry)
  • fixed spinner from sometimes showing

0.3.4 (hotfix)

  • Fixed bug with inviting new users on todo creation
  • upgraded to 2.3.6

0.3.2 (hotfix)

  • Added removal of due date option
  • Fixed bug with sending daily emails


  • Ability to change due date by clicking on the date in list
  • Shared emails now sent in daily email


  • Ability to SHARE a todo via email or username!
  • Tag group state is recorded via cookies for persistent minimize
  • Fixed drag / drop bug with moving todos between groups
  • Added ability to invite others via sharing todos

0.2.18 (change)

  • Now need to specify the word ‘due’ before tagging something with a due date. thanks Chronic

0.2.15 (hotfix)

  • Fixed order bug to ensure things are ordered by due date, then priority then position
  • Fixed blink bug to keep highlight if specified
  • Added the ability to mark an item as complete from HTML email (as well as link to todos)
  • Added highlight style to email todos
  • Hopefully fixed cronjob via whenever gem


  • #! tag now highlights the todo
  • shift-enter saves a new/edited todo

0.2.13 (hotfix)

  • Reenabled plain text email. Appears to be an odd Gmail spam issue
  • Added link in daily summary to shutting off daily summary :)
  • Fixed login process to redirect to desired page is authentication was needed

0.2.12 (hotfix)

  • Shut off plain text email copy due to odd BBG mail server issues
  • Enabled caching for javascript
  • Hopefully fixed odd reloading issue in js
  • Shut off multiple reminder blinks


  • Added daily summary report
  • Added option to only send when items are due or overdue
  • Added ability to reset password and retrieve user id
  • Added whenever gem


  • Added ability to schedule todos in the future. Just start tag with “starts DATE PHRASE”
  • Fixed reordering todo within group bug
  • Fixed width of tag groups in textboxlist
  • Fixed click to close bug in options by adding close button

0.2.7 (hotfix)

  • Slide options panel width fixed
  • Clicking anywhere outside of slide options panel closes panel
  • Clicking flash messages hides them

0.2.6 (hotfix)

  • Checking for todo list in reorder
  • Checking for move from and to when moving todos

0.2.5 (hotfix)

  • Fixed min width issue in firefox
  • Fixed duplicate todo listing if unfiled


  • New options dock for printing and email
  • Ability to send yourself an email copy of your todos
  • Removed auto-refresh due to oddities
  • Moved lots into partials :)


  • Ability to select “waiting” items
  • Current selected todo arrow indicator
  • Ability to delete with “d” key
  • Ability to rename groups
  • Ability to change due date tags
  • Ability to reprioritize via drag/drop (though due date still takes precedence, using #1, #2, tags recommended)


  • New layout. Cleaner.
  • Fixed order of items so in process is always last
  • If something is in process, shows waiting clock instead of checkbox.

0.1.24 (hotfix)

  • Print button added
  • New toolbar color
  • Fixed print css
  • Added highlight for anything due or past due

0.1.23 (hotfix)

  • Added 10 minute auto-refresh
  • Reordered todos so that due/past due first, then priorities, then dates
  • Fixed (i hope) binding of spacebar issue


  • Drag and drop todos into groups
  • Position is not priority, setable with a #number tag (1 highest, 10 lowest)
  • Clicking clock or “w” sets a task to waiting
  • Recording waiting_since in todos model. Displayed on clock mouseover
  • Todos ordered by not waiting, then waiting, then priority


  • Added remember me option to login
  • Nicely formatted print output. Just the facts ma’am
  • Ability to print any group
  • Ability to check, delete or print all unfilled todos
  • Added hook to checklist reload
  • Uservoice tab hidden in fluid app
  • Added link to release notes from from readme
  • Fixed bug dealing with blank tags


  • Firefox keyboard fixes. It now works.


  • Added keyboard shortcut “c” to create new todo (like gmail)
  • Added keyboard shortcut “#” to delete todo
  • Added ability to close new todo panel with escape key
  • Hiding some keyboard shortcuts on main page for cleanliness
  • Added icon to delete today without having to first complete
  • Fixed uppercase grouping bug
  • Integrated User Voice