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corrected typo in code snippet

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commit b587e87b1b52ca4919c2a5952f4c45a598752b84 1 parent 2d140f4
Jeremy Kelley authored
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@@ -47,12 +47,11 @@ Here's an example with normal callbacks.
class SomeHandler(tornado.web.RequestHandler):
def get(self):
self.somedata = 'xxx'
- AsyncHTTPClient.fetch(
- 'http://over/there',
+ AsyncHTTPClient.fetch( 'http://over/there',
callback=self.my_async_http_cb )
def my_async_http_cb(self, fetch_data):
- # do stuff here....
+ # do stuff with fetchdata here
@@ -64,12 +63,15 @@ Or, you can wrap your methods with async_yield...
def get(self):
somedata = 'xxx'
- fetchdata = yield AsyncHTTPClient.fetch(
- 'http://over/there',
- callback=self.async_cb )
+ fetchdata = yield AsyncHTTPClient.fetch( 'http://over/there',
+ callback=self.yield_cb )
+ # do stuff with fetchdata here
The @async_yield wrapper doesn't work for every method with callbacks but it
does cleanup your RequestHandlers quite nicely and really streamlines workflow.
+You begin to see the real power of this when you start to have handlers that make
+multiple async calls.
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