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Deploy with masculine confidence
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Paul Dix: Thundergod

Thundergod is a lightweight, extensible framework for ensuring successful deployments by channeling undiluted and strapping technical prowess into your deployment scripts. You called down the thunder. Well, now you’ve got it!


  1. The command line audio player afplay or play
  2. Willingness to accept the respect and fear of your office mates.

How do I use Paul Dix: Thundergod

  1. Slow down. You do not use Paul Dix. Paul Dix USES YOU.
  2. Install this gem
    gem install paul_dix_thundergod
  3. Write deploy task like (capistrano example):
    task :play_sound do
  4. Hook the task into your deployment script (capistrano example):
    before "deploy", "deploy:play_sound"
  5. The gem also comes with with a PaulDixThundergod.rollback, a method worth hooking into your before "deploy:rollback"

Bringing Thunder From the Command Line

The gem comes with a bin so you can just type ‘paul_dix_thundergod’ whenever you want!

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