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A command line tool to scrape all of a user's photos.

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sudo gem install flickr_airlift


  1. ‘flickraw’ and ‘launchy’ gems
  2. A Flickr account
  3. A good internet connection and patience

Flickr Airlift

Flickr Airlift is a command line tool to scrape any set or all photos in the photostream of a user.
It comes with the bin flickr_airlift.


Here’s an example session

Stored Authentication.

Once flickr_airlift authenticates you – it stores your authentication in ~/.flick_airliftrc

The flickr_uplift gem was removed from this gem.
It used to upload files from an arbitrary directory.
Muddling together these two features in one gem was a weird idea to begin with.
One day I’ll create a separate flickr_uplift gem.
The last version with this functionality is 0.4.3
Here’s an example session

This product uses the Flickr API but is not endorsed or certified by Flickr.

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