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A lot of the functions in libc have parameters of type size_t (an example is gethostname(3)), so it makes sense to expose this type.


This sounds like a good idea, but the code in the commit looks to be incomplete. GetSizeT and PutSizeT methods would need to be added to the C++ Pointer class.


Is that necessary for the "non-specific types"? It looks like this line is setting up the mapping:


And my test case change that calls ptr.getSizeT and ptr.putSizeT is passing.

I did notice something strange though. I added a logging statement on that line I referenced to see what the type mappings are:

console.log("binding: ", method, " -> ", suffix);

And the output:

binding:  Byte  ->  UInt8
binding:  Char  ->  Int8
binding:  UChar  ->  Int8
binding:  Short  ->  Int16
binding:  UShort  ->  Int16
binding:  Int  ->  Int32
binding:  UInt  ->  Int32
binding:  Long  ->  Int64
binding:  ULong  ->  Int64
binding:  LongLong  ->  Int64
binding:  ULongLong  ->  Int64
binding:  SizeT  ->  Int64

It looks like a lot of the unsigned types are getting mapped to the signed equivalent, is this correct?


I actually found the bug with mapping the unsigned methods, I will submit a different pull request for that fix.


Given the precision (or lack thereof) for large integers in V8, I think perhaps some kind of wrapper object should be used. If we just pass around the actual value of size_t, it will probably get screwed up by V8's use of floating point numbers internally for values >2^32.


So check it.. just pushed some code that changes the Int64 methods on Pointer to return strings. They can also now accept strings. This fixes any potential data loss issues for >2^32 values.


Also, you're right, since size_t is already in FFI.Bindings.TYPE_SIZE_MAP, it can be handled on the JS side. Let me merge and test these.

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