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@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ Node Inspector is a debugger interface for nodeJS using the WebKit Web Inspector
* [nodeJS](
- versions: 0.3.0 or later
* A WebKit based browser: Chrome, Safari, etc.
+* Optional [v8-profiler]( to use the profiles panel
### Install
@@ -54,15 +55,34 @@ For more information on getting started see the [wiki](
## Known Issues
-This is alpha quality code, so use at your own risk:
+This is beta quality code, so use at your own risk:
* be careful about viewing the contents of Buffer objects, each byte is displayed as an individual array element, for anything but tiny Buffers this will take too long to render
* while not stopped at a breakpoint the console doesn't always behave as you might expect
* closing the browser does not stop debugging, you must stop node-inspector manually
+## Profiling
+To use the profiles panel, install the v8-profiler module:
+ npm install v8-profiler
+To use it do something like:
+ var profiler = require('v8-profiler');
+ profiler.startProfiling('startup');
+ slowStartupFoo();
+ profiler.stopProfiling('startup');
+ profiler.takeSnapshot('beforeLeak');
+ leakyFoo();
+ profiler.takeSnapshot('afterLeak');
+Then view the profiling results with the profiles panel in node-inspector. You can
+also take heap snapshots on demand from the profiles panel.
-* profiler panel
## Thanks

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