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@@ -17,18 +17,18 @@ Node Inspector is a debugger interface for nodeJS using the WebKit Web Inspector
* With [npm](
- npm install -g node-inspector
+ $ npm install -g node-inspector
### Enable debug mode
To use node-inspector, enable debugging on the node you wish to debug.
You can either start node with a debug flag like:
- node --debug your/node/program.js
+ $ node --debug your/node/program.js
or, to pause your script on the first line:
- node --debug-brk your/short/node/script.js
+ $ node --debug-brk your/short/node/script.js
Or you can enable debugging on a node that is already running by sending
it a signal:
@@ -48,12 +48,11 @@ Great! Now you are ready to attach node-inspector
1. start the inspector. I usually put it in the background
- node-inspector &
+ $ node-inspector &
2. open in your favorite WebKit based browser
-3. you should now see the javascript source from node. If you don't,
- click the scripts tab.
+3. you should now see the javascript source from node. If you don't, click the scripts tab.
4. select a script and set some breakpoints (far left line numbers)
@@ -64,7 +63,7 @@ For more information on getting started see the [wiki](
node-inspector works almost exactly like the web inspector in Safari and
Chrome. Here's a good [overview]( of the UI
-## FAQ
+## FAQ / WTF
1. I don't see one of my script files in the file list.
@@ -77,10 +76,14 @@ Chrome. Here's a good [overview](
3. I got the ui in a weird state.
> when in doubt, refresh
+4. Can I debug remotely?
+ > Yes. node-inspector must be running on the same machine, but your browser can be anywhere. Just make sure port 8080 is accessible
## Inspector options
- --web-port=[port] port to host the inspector (default 8080)
+ --web-port=[port] port to host the inspector (default 8080)
## Cool stuff
@@ -104,19 +107,19 @@ I don't recommend using this yet
To use the profiles panel, install the v8-profiler module:
- npm install v8-profiler
+ npm install v8-profiler
To use it do something like:
- var profiler = require('v8-profiler');
+ var profiler = require('v8-profiler');
- profiler.startProfiling('startup');
- slowStartupFoo();
- profiler.stopProfiling('startup');
+ profiler.startProfiling('startup');
+ slowStartupFoo();
+ profiler.stopProfiling('startup');
- profiler.takeSnapshot('beforeLeak');
- leakyFoo();
- profiler.takeSnapshot('afterLeak');
+ profiler.takeSnapshot('beforeLeak');
+ leakyFoo();
+ profiler.takeSnapshot('afterLeak');
Then view the profiling results with the profiles panel in node-inspector. You can
also take heap snapshots on demand from the profiles panel.

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