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Before opening a pull request
- [Wiki article on contributing to Node Inspector](
- [Developer's guide](
Before opening an issue
In order to facilitate reproduction of issues, please always provide the following info:
- node-inspector version (`node-inspector --version`)
- node.js version (`node --version`)
- operating system name and version
Please upgrade to the newest version before opening an issue:
`npm install -g node-inspector`
and check if it still is reproducible.
If the issue started happening after a recent upgrade, you can downgrade to an older version
of Node Inspector with a command like this:
`npm install -g node-inspector@0.8.3`
Providing information if the bug is a recent regression will also facilitate its handling.
Click [here]( to find out
what are the available versions.
Alternatively you can also use the following command:
`npm view node-inspector`

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