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debugged process should not break when no ui is attached #1

dannycoates opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Inspector should automatically continue the debugged process when a break event occurs and no gui is attached. This mimics the behavior of the client side debugger.

Or if breakpoints are saved by the gui with web sql, remove all breakpoints on disconnect and restore on reconnect.


took the easy way for now and just continue from inspector.js when no ui is attached. commit a37a27f


Is there an option to bypass that behaviour?
I have some network-related init code, and I simply can't refresh the browser quickly enough to hit the breakpoint.


Maybe starting your node process with --debug-brk could work. It will pause your program on the first line so that you'll have time to attach the debugger. Let me know if this doesn't work for you.



Okay, I did not try to pass that parameter to node executable. I was passing it directly to the node-inspector binary, and that was not working out properly.


This issue was closed.
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