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inspector 0.1.5 debug.request session.js:129 null ptr reference #25

nafeger opened this Issue · 6 comments

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When I try to connect node's debugger up to node-inspector I get this stack trace:

TypeError: Cannot call method 'request' of null
at evaluate (/home/nfeger/.node_libraries/.npm/node-inspector/0.1.5/package/lib/session.js:129:11)
at EventEmitter. (/home/nfeger/.node_libraries/.npm/node-inspector/0.1.5/package/lib/session.js:460:26)
at EventEmitter. (/home/nfeger/.node_libraries/.npm/node-inspector/0.1.5/package/lib/session.js:935:19)
at Connection. (/home/nfeger/.node_libraries/.npm/node-inspector/0.1.5/package/lib/debug-server.js:36:15)
at Connection.emit (events.js:27:15)
at [object Object].write (/home/nfeger/.node_libraries/.npm/node-inspector/0.1.5/package/vendor/ws/connection.js:434:21)
at Stream. (/home/nfeger/.node_libraries/.npm/node-inspector/0.1.5/package/vendor/ws/connection.js:79:16)
at Stream.emit (events.js:27:15)
at Stream._onReadable (net.js:757:14)
at IOWatcher.onReadable as callback

node version: 0.3.1-pre


I'm having the identical problem with the identical error message. Please help, I can't live without this. Life is over as I know it.


Ok, I've found the cause. If you have been using the watch expressions they are saved to the browser's local storage. Upon returning to the page, it will try to evaluate those watches before connecting to the debugger, and crash.

I'll get this fixed ASAP, but in the meantime to get back to a usable state, open node-inspector in the browser (it will crash the server process) and open the developer tools window of the browser. Go to the Resources panel, find localhost in the Local Storage and delete the watchExpressions key. You should then be able to restart the node-inspector process and not crash.

I hadn't noticed this since i almost never use watches. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for reporting the issue :)


Thanks for the quick response. I can resume my life now. You should have a donation.


version 0.1.6 - closed by d0deaac


Thanks for the quick turn around.


Works great now, Thanks!

This issue was closed.
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