Google Chrome extension

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The Chrome extension is no longer being developed

The information on this page only applies to v0.0.1

node-inspector can be used as a chrome extension


  1. install Google Chrome version 6.0.466.0 or later
  2. start Chrome with the --enable-experimental-extension-apis flag
  3. from the extensions page
    1. enable developer mode
    2. click “load unpacked extension…”
    3. open the folder node-inspector/front-end

You should now see a yellow triangle icon for nodeJS Inspector by the address bar

Extra Features

  • right-click context menu items
    • edit breakpoint… (conditional breakpoint)
    • continue to line


Currently the extension can only be used to connect to the inspector.js process running on the localhost:8080


If you see:

  • Could not load extension from ‘node-inspector/front-end’. Invalid value for ‘permissions[ 0 ]’
  • Delete the line containing "experimental" from your front-end/manifest.json file