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Keyboard Shortcuts

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Command Mac Windows / Linux
Next Panel ⌘] Ctrl-]
Previous Panel ⌘[ Ctrl-[
Toggle Console Esc Esc
Focus Search Box ⌘F Ctrl-F
Find Next ⌘G Ctrl-G
Find Previous ⇧⌘G Ctrl-Shift-G


Command Mac Windows / Linux
Next Suggestion Tab Tab
Previous Suggestion ⇧Tab Shift-Tab
Accept Suggestion Right Right
Previous Command / Line Up Up
Next Command / Line Down Down
Previous Command ⌃P
Next Command ⌃N
Clear History ⌘K or ⌃L Ctrl-L
Execute Return Enter


Command Mac Windows / Linux
Select Next Call Frame ⌃. Ctrl-.
Select Previous Call Frame ⌃, Ctrl-,
Continue F8 or ⌘/ F8 or Ctrl-/
Step Over F10 or ⌘’ F10 or Ctrl-’
Step Into F11 or ⌘; F11 or Ctrl-;
Step Out ⇧F11 or ⇧⌘; Shift-F11 or Ctrl-Shift-;
Edit Breakpoint ⌃Click Ctrl-Click
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