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usage = '''
This module evaluates an expression on each line of input and emits the result (unless the result is null)
1. To convert a TSV (tab separated file) to CSV
$ cat data.tsv | -s eval "input.split('\t').join(',')" > data.csv
2. To remove empty lines from text.txt
$ cat text.txt | -s eval "input.length ? input : null" > modified.txt
nodeio = require ''
class EvalExp extends nodeio.JobClass
init: ->
if @options.args.length is 0
@exit 'Please enter an expression, e.g. ` eval "input.length"`'
if @options.args[0] is 'help'
@status usage
run: (input) ->
result = eval @options.args[0]
if result? then @emit result else @skip()
@class = EvalExp
@job = new EvalExp()