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@@ -9,14 +9,14 @@ can streamline the process of:
- Map Reduce
- Transforming data from one format to another, e.g. from CSV => a database
- Distributing work across multiple processes, and multiple servers (soon)
+- Recursively traversing a directory and using each file as input
## Why
- Create modular and extensible jobs for scraping and processing data
- Jobs are written in Javascript or Coffeescript and run in Node.js - jobs are concise, asynchronous and _FAST_
- Seamlessly speed up execution by distributing work among child processes and other servers (soon)
-- Easily handle a variety of input / output situations, does the heavy lifting
+- Easily handle a variety of input / output situations - does the heavy lifting
* Reading / writing lines to and from files
* Traversing files in a directory
* Reading / writing rows to and from a database
@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ is an _ALPHA_ release. There will no doubt be some bugs and oddities.
- Handle HTTP codes, e.g. automatically redirect on 3xx or call `fail()` on 4xx/5xx
- Nested requests inherit referrer / cookies if to the same domain
- Add more DOM [selector]( / [traversal]( methods
- - or attempt a full port of jQuery that's compatible with [htmlparser]( (more forgiving than [JSDOM](
+ - ..or attempt a full port of jQuery that's compatible with [htmlparser]( (I know a port already exists, but it uses the far less forgiving [JSDOM](
- Test proxy callbacks and write proxy documentation
- Add distributed processing
- Installation without NPM (

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