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i must use jsdom in node.io to scrapp a complex html site.
Unfortunatly jsdom is consuming after a few minutes the gigs of memory. I found the problem solution here
but didn't find the correct position in node.io to call
to fix the problem tmeporarily.
Can you give me a hint!

Thx Macrauder


var nodeio = require('node.io'), options = {timeout: 10};
var scrapp_options = {
jsdom: true,
wait: 2,
timeout: 10
var job = new nodeio.Job(scrapp_options, {
input: true,
run: function (keyword) {
this.getHtml('http://www.spiegel.de', function (err, $) {
console.log($('.spTopThema h2').html());
nodeio.start(job, options, function (err, output) {}, false);


I've exposed the window object in node.io v0.3.9. Call this.window.close() before calling this.emit(), this.skip(), etc.

@chriso chriso closed this Oct 5, 2011
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