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Pile (pile.js)

An anything developer's tool

Pile is a command line tool to help with boilerplate or any project file structure. Think of it like as a way to streamline the redundant effort it takes to setup a directory structure when designing or creating an app.

Current State

As of right now, it is in it's early stage and is currently setup to only handle (you could easily make it do more) setting up a basic web site structure.


To install just run: npm install -g pilejs

This will install the command pile


In your terminal, cd into your projects directory and type: pile --init

This will add a stackfile to your directory with some examples inside. Once you have edited the stackfile with your setup and settings and bears, oh my! Just run: pile. That will create your directories, download defined files, and even create a stubbed out html file with your libraries already in it.

A small static webserver is also included. In whatever directory you want to serve from (great for testing for ajax and such), just run pile --server and open the url in your browser.

Coming Very VERY Soon

  • A website, that will give you the ability to publish your stackfiles privately or for everyone
  • A service that will install desired libraries without the need of the url paths.
  • Git submodule support, automatically add and init as submodules.
  • Git clone/checkout will let you specify git urls and have grab from a repository.
  • Build functions including compression for files.
  • NPM tie in for project specific installs.

The End

Thanks for taking time to peak this little project of mine and I hope you find it interesting and/or useful. If you have any suggestions or want to help out, email me at