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apidoc_sources = $(wildcard doc/api/*.md)
apidocs = $(addprefix build/,$(
guidedoc_sources = $(wildcard doc/guide/*.md)
guidedocs = $(addprefix build/,$(
diagrams_sources = $(wildcard doc/diagrams/*.dot)
diagrams = $(addprefix build/doc/api/img/,$(subst doc/diagrams/,,$(
apidoc_dirs = build/doc build/doc/api/ build/doc/api/assets build/doc/api/img
guidedoc_dirs = build/doc build/doc/guide/ build/doc/guide/assets build/doc/guide/img
apiassets = $(subst api_assets,api/assets,$(addprefix build/,$(wildcard doc/api_assets/*)))
guideassets = $(subst guide_assets,guide/assets,$(addprefix build/,$(wildcard doc/guide_assets/*)))
all: test doc
doc: clean_diags html diags
rm -rf build/doc/api/*.html
rm -rf build/doc/assets
rm -rf build/doc/guide/*.html
rm -rf build/doc/assets
mkdir -p $@
mkdir -p $@
#node tools/dynamic_docs.js
rm -rf build/doc/api/img/*
diags: clean_diags $(diagrams)
guide_html: clean_guide $(guidedoc_dirs) $(guidedocs) $(guideassets)
html: clean_doc $(apidoc_dirs) magic_values $(apidocs) $(apiassets)
build/doc/api/%.html: doc/api/
node tools/doctool.js doc/template.html $< > $@
build/doc/guide/%.html: doc/guide/
node tools/doctool.js doc/template_guide.html $< > $@
build/doc/api/img/%.png: doc/diagrams/
dot $< -Teps > tmp.eps
convert ps:tmp.eps $@
rm tmp.eps
build/doc/guide/assets/%: doc/guide_assets/% build/doc/guide/assets/
cp $< $@
build/doc/api/assets/%: doc/api_assets/% build/doc/api/assets/
cp $< $@
test_files = $(wildcard test/test_*.js)
node_modules/whiskey/bin/whiskey -t "$(test_files)"
rm -rf test_temp/*
.PHONY: magic_values test diags
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