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2011.08.02, Version 0.2.0
* Split view (Julian Viereck)
- split editor area horizontally or vertivally to show two files at the same
* Code Folding (Julian Viereck)
- Unstructured code folding
- Will be the basis for language aware folding
* Mode behaviours (Chris Spencer)
- Adds mode specific hooks which allow transformations of entered text
- Autoclosing of braces, paranthesis and quotation marks in C style modes
- Autoclosing of angular brackets in XML style modes
* New language modes
- Clojure (Carin Meier)
- C# (Rob Conery)
- Groovy (Ben Tilford)
- Scala (Ben Tilford)
- OCaml (Sergi Mansilla)
- Perl (Panagiotis Astithas)
- SCSS/SASS (Andreas Madsen)
- Textile (Kelley van Evert)
- SCAD (Jacob Hansson)
* Live syntax checks
- Lint for Css using CSS Lint <>
- CoffeeScript
* New Themes
- Crimson Editor (iebuggy)
- Merbivore (Michael Schwartz)
- Merbivore soft (Michael Schwartz)
- Solarized dark/light <> (David Alan
- Vibrant Ink (Michael Schwartz)
* Small Features/Enhancements
- Lots of render performance optimizations (Harutyun Amirjanyan)
- Improved Ruby highlighting (Chris Wanstrath, Trent Ogren)
- Improved PHP highlighting (Thomas Hruska)
- Improved CSS highlighting (Sean Kellogg)
- Clicks which cause the editor to be focused don't reset the selection
- Make padding text layer specific so that print margin and active line
highlight are not affected (Irakli Gozalishvili)
- Added setFontSize method
- Improved vi keybindings (Trent Ogren)
- When unfocused make cursor transparent instead of removing it (Harutyun
- Support for matching groups in tokenizer with arrays of tokens (Chris
* Bug fixes
- Add support for the new OSX scroll bars
- Properly highlight JavaScript regexp literals
- Proper handling of unicode characters in JavaScript identifiers
- Fix remove lines command on last line (Harutyun Amirjanyan)
- Fix scroll wheel sluggishness in Safari
- Make keyboard infrastructure route keys like []^$ the right way (Julian
2011.02.14, Version 0.1.6
* Floating Anchors
- An Anchor is a floating pointer in the document.
- Whenever text is inserted or deleted before the cursor, the position of
the cursor is updated
- Usesd for the cursor and selection
- Basis for bookmarks, multiple cursors and snippets in the future
* Extensive support for Cocoa style keybindings on the Mac <>
* New commands:
- center selection in viewport
- remove to end/start of line
- split line
- transpose letters
* Refator markers
- Custom code can be used to render markers
- Markers can be in front or behind the text
- Markers are now stored in the session (was in the renderer)
* Lots of IE8 fixes including copy, cut and selections
* Unit tests can also be run in the browser
* Soft wrap can adapt to the width of the editor (Mike Ratcliffe, Joe Cheng)
* Add minimal node server server.js to run the Ace demo in Chrome
* The top level editor.html demo has been renamed to index.html
* Bug fixes
- Fixed gotoLine to consider wrapped lines when calculating where to scroll to (James Allen)
- Fixed isues when the editor was scrolled in the web page (Eric Allam)
- Highlighting of Python string literals
- Syntax rule for PHP comments
2011.02.08, Version 0.1.5
* Add Coffeescript Mode (Satoshi Murakami)
* Fix word wrap bug (Julian Viereck)
* Fix packaged version of the Eclipse mode
* Loading of workers is more robust
* Fix "click selection"
* Allow tokizing empty lines (Daniel Krech)
* Make PageUp/Down behavior more consistent with native OS (Joe Cheng)
2011.02.04, Version 0.1.4
* Add C/C++ mode contributed by Gastón Kleiman
* Fix exception in key input
2011.02.04, Version 0.1.3
* Let the packaged version play nice with requireJS
* Add Ruby mode contributed by Shlomo Zalman Heigh
* Add Java mode contributed by Tom Tasche
* Fix annotation bug
* Changing a document added a new empty line at the end