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Design & Develop the web Faster, Perkins is a CSS3 LESS Framework

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Perkins 2 aims to help those who do not fear using some commands and feel like a pro in the process by generating a Perkins Framework structure.

In other words, Perkins 2 is a CLI utility made with NodeJS to make your life a little bit easier. Also you could say it's the Compass of LESS or at least it wants to be :P

Perkins v2.0.3

  • Setup a new folder with the Framework in it
  • Serve any folder with the integrated Preview HTTP Server
  • Watch changes on app.less and output them to out/stylesheets/style.css

Note: the server plays nice with LESS.js so the function; works just fine (this means automatic page changes on save on multiple devices (just like Adobe Shadow) ;)

BTW If you aren't a command-line type of guy/girl you definitely have to use Crunch App made by Matt and Matt.


First step you need to install NodeJS then npm finally just run:

$ sudo npm install -g perkins


Usage: perkins [command] --options <dir>


preview [path]
This option create a Perkins Preview HTTP Server

setup <path>
Just relax let me take care of building a version of ... well me.

watch <path>
Watch changes on app.less and output them to out/stylesheets/style.css


-h, --help         output usage information
-V, --version      output the version number
-p, --port <port>  specify the port [8000]
-m, --min          minifies every less into out/style.css
-v, --verbose      output incoming requests.


  • Update the website ;)
  • Make improvements over the 'watch' feature and the out/ dir

Special Thanks:

  • Rodrigo Fuentealba
  • Roderick Lagunas
  • Alvaro Veliz
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