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Pop is a static site builder for Node, optimised for blogs; based on Jekyll.

  • Designed to be a workhorse for large production blogs
  • Useful built-in helpers: hNews post generation, pagination, tags
  • Extend using your own helpers and pre-filters
  • Plugins


npm install -g pop

Global is preferred. If you want to use pop server, you’ll need to install Express too.


Configuration File Options

Must be valid JSON.

{  "url": ""                   // Your site's URL
 , "title": "Pop Blog"                          // The title of your site
 , "permalink": "/:year/:month/:day/:title"     // Post link format
 , "paginate": 10                               // Number of posts to include on a page
 , "exclude": ["\\.swp"]                        // Files to exclude
 , "require": ["pop-disqus"]                    // Plugins
 , "output": "_site/"                           // The place to put the generated HTML
 , "autoGenerate": [{"feed": "feed.xml"}]       // Files to autogenerate using Pop's built-in pages


  • George Ornbo