Configuration management for NodeJS.
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What is it?

Prefer is a Node.JS library for helping you manage application configurations.

It provides a set of interfaces which can be provide standard methods for reading arbitrary project configuration data. This can vary from simple cases like JSON, to more complicated examples - such as retreiving configuration data from a database.

Prefer currently provides drivers for accessing settings from the following sources in a driver-based manner:

  • JSON

Why asyncronous?

A lot of configuration tools prefer to provide a blocking method of retrieving a project's configuration, in order to supply a more-simple method of getting the configuration. However, one goal of prefer is to make sure that we aren't limited to specific use-cases - and some projects require real-time, dynamic updating of their configuration. Prefer provides all of it's interfaces in an asyncronous manner in order to provide that possibility without the requirement that those actions are blocking.