A command-line tool for creating a static file server from the current working directory.
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Create a static web server from the current directory.

###Install using npm:

npm install static-here

###Run static-here to start serving files from the current working directory.

  > Serving files from /badass/javascript/project at http://localhost:8888/

###Optional dependancies:

  1. node-mime: Static-here has a built-in small table of mime-types, but having
    node-mime would make static-here a bit smarter.
    npm install node-mime

  2. coffee-script: If you are the coffee-script kind of person, this will make
    your life easier by optionally watch & (re)-compile .coffee files.

    npm install -g coffee-script static-here coffee Serving files from /badass/javascript/project at http://localhost:8888/


You can specify the port, IP and coffee flag in any order you like:

static-here coffee 8888
static-here 8080 coffee

On my Mac, node's fs.watchFile is really slow with the default 0ms interval.
With An additional option flag fix this can be fixed (making the interval to -1).


* Port: 8888
* IP:
* coffee watching is off by default