Can not test requests with query string (superagent) #130

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Requests with query string like "" can not be tested and nock rasies an error "No match for HTTP request GET /testapi.html".

Here is the testcase (mocha):

    it('should allow to test requests with query part', function(done) {
      var agent = require('superagent');
      var nock = require('nock');

      .reply(200, {yes: 'it works !'});

        if (res.text !== '{"yes":"it works !"}') {
          done(new Error('Text is: ' + res.text));
        } else {

As I understand from documentation this should work. But instead nock does not take query string into account and raises an error:

Error: Nock: No match for HTTP request GET /testapi.html".

So it expects for "/testapi.html" instead of "/testapi.html?query=string".

For me it seems to be related to the way the superagent initializes the request.
It does something like this:

     //(1) create the request 
     var req = http.request({
        hostname: 'localhost',
        port: 80,
        path: '/testapi.html',
        method: 'GET'

      //(2) configure reqest object, including query string
      req.path = req.path + '?query=string';

      //(3) set handlers
      req.on('response', function() {
      //(4) do request

And mock searches for interceptor on step (1) when path does not contain the query string yet.

@pgte pgte closed this in 93d4c77 Dec 3, 2013
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Fix landed on v0.24.2.


Thanks, now it works for me.

By the way (regarding the comment for the fix) I don't think superagent is bad behaving - they do this to allow chainable calls like

   request.get('/shoes').query('size=10').query({ color: 'blue' }).end(function(response) {});
Node Nock member

Yeah, but it breaks node API doing so, hence the "bad behaving" :)

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