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organic-express-routes v0.1.0

Organelle for glob-ing a directory of actions modules and mounting them to expressjs app


  "source": "node_modules/organic-express-routes",
  "reactOn": "ExpressServer",
  "pattern": "/**/*.js",
  "path": "path/to/routes",
  "helpers": "path/to/routes-helpers",
  "mount": "/myroutes",
  "log": false,
  "emitReady": "ExpressRoutes"

reactOn property

Should be either ExpressServer chemical with expected structure or array of chemicals where the first one is mapped as ExpressServer chemical.

helpers property

Optional, if provided with directory path will load all files matching given pattern.

mount property

Optional, if provided all route handlers will be mounted to express app with given value as prefix.

emitReady property

Indicates the type of the chemical to be emitted once loading and mounting is complete

action module format

module.exports = function(plasma, dna, helpers) {
  return {
    "GET": expressHandler,
    "POST": [expressHandler, ...],
    "PUT /:id": expressHandler,
    "DELETE /inner/url/:id": helpers["expressHandlerBuilder"](),
    "OPTIONS": function(req, res, next) {

usage 101

Having directory structure

+ project_root
|-+ routes
  |-+ api
    |-+ users
      |-+ _user
        |- index.js
        |- validate.js
      |- index.js 
    |- index.js
    |- version.js
  |-+ site
    |- index.js
    |- about.js
  • assuming every .js file contains the following source

      module.exports = function(plasma, dna, helpers) {
        return {
          "GET": function(req, res, next){
  , res, next)
  • assuming organic-express-routes has been initiated with following dna

        "path": "routes/api",
        "mount": "/api",

Will mount all found actions within files respecting their location relative to the dna.path property value in the following order:

route file
GET /api /api/index.js
GET /api/version /api/version.js
GET /api/users /api/users/index.js
GET /api/users/:user /api/users/_user/index.js
GET /api/users/:user/validate /api/users/_user/validate.js