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Organelle constructing expressjs app and opening http server listening port


"organic-express-server": {
  "source": "node_modules/organic-express-server",
  "port": 1337,
  "host": "", // (String) if not defined = listen to all interfaces.
  "backlog": 511, // (Number) maximum length of the queue of pending connections. The actual length will be determined by the OS through sysctl settings such as `tcp_max_syn_backlog` and `somaxconn` on Linux. The default value of this parameter is 511 (not 512).
  "logRunning": true,
  "initScript": "init-express-app",
  "emitReady": "ExpressServer",
  "closeOn": "kill",
  "forceConnectionsDestroyOnClose": false

initScript property

Optional, if provided will require given module using process.cwd+initScript as path. Example module:

module.exports = function(plasma, dna, next) {
  var app = express()
  next(err, app)

Invoking next(err, app) will complete express server initialization by start listening for incoming requests and emit ready chemical.

logRunning property

Optional, if provided will console.log when express server is listening for incoming requests.

forceConnectionsDestroyOnClose property

Optional, if enabled on kill chemical all opened connections will be destroyed and server closed, otherwise the server will close when there are no longer open connections.

emitReady chemical

Emitted once express server is listening for incoming requests

  type: `emitReady value`,
  data: expressApplication,
  server: httpServer

kill chemical

Once received will close underlaying httpServer