Separated implementation of [node-organic/Nucleus] in standalone module
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Implementation of node-organic/Nucleus


constructor (plasma, dna, root)


  • plasma - organic plasma instance
  • dna - dna containing definitions of organelles and their respective source paths.
  • root - organelles root, will be prepended only when source starts with ./
    • defaults to process.env.ORGANELLES_PATH || process.cwd()

buildOne(c [, callback])

Builds once organelle using data wrapped in chemical c.

Chemical should have the following structure:

  "source": "relative/path/to/organelle",
  // ... organelle's own dna data


  • c.source having value typeof
    • Function - used as Organelle constructor
    • String - used as path to require Organelle implementation

All Modules representing Organelles instantiated by Nucleus are expected to have the following signature

module.exports = function(plasma, dna) {}


  • plasma is the Nucleus' plasma
  • dna is the portion of the dna used to instantiate the Organelle

build(c [, callback])

Builds organelles using data wrapped in chemical c.

Chemical should have one of the following structures:

  "source": "cwd/relative/path/to/organelle",
  // ... organelle's own dna data

  -- or --

  "branch": "branch.innerBranch"

-- or --



  • c as Object
    • c.source - directly passes control flow to buildOne
    • c.branch - selects dna node using dot notation namespace query (ex: "branch.innerNode") and iterates through the dna node by constructing all found organelles (those dna branches who have source property).
  • c as String - indicates dna namespace, uses the same control flow as with chemicals having c.branch