Cell with predefined dna for development of backend api, frontend client and/or both.
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stem skeleton v2.0.0

A concept for organic software development and an awesome registry of stem skeleton stack upgrades


Rapid Organic software development usually happens based on code reuse. Although reusing organelles and DNA across different cells is simple, adding more complex features to a system requires an abstraction which we define as stack upgrades and (stem) cells.

stack upgrades

Every Stack upgrade in nodejs ecosystem represents:

  • a source code repository
  • a package in npm
  • an executable nodejs program

To aid in development of stack upgrades we provide organic-stack-upgrade package which simplifies common tasks related to scaffolding/code generation/user input.

The organic-stack-upgrade library is a limited variation similar to yeoman, hygen and other scaffolding/code generators. Its usage within stack upgrades is optional and depends on the requirements which the stack upgrade in question needs to fulfill.

(stem) cells

A large organic-based system is composed from different cells which are an analogue to micro-services with the important note that frontend single page apps are also cells on their own within the system.

In that sense a generic cell (known in nature as stem cell) implementation is provided as organic-stem-cell suitable to be used on the server (nodejs) and in the browser.

Using that implementation and stack upgrades gives the ability to form an organic stem skeleton of a system. Also using stack upgrades during actual system development adds support to upgrade (mutate) the system's tech stack towards meeting ever changing requirements.

A system's stem skeleton consists of the following abstract parts:

  • the system's cells source code (usually found under <repo-root>/cells)
  • the system's dna (usually found under <repo-root>/dna)

Thereafter the system's skeleton can be used to deploy a live system in production.

awesome stack upgrades