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`node_pcap` is useful for many things, but it does not yet understand all common protocols. A popular reason
to use this package is `examples/http_trace`, described below.
-## Why?
+Another great reason to use `node_pcap` is
+[htracr](, written by Mark Nottingham.
+## Why capture packets in JavaScript?
There are already many tools for capturing, decoding, and analyzing packets. Many of them are thoroughly
-tested and very fast. Why would anybody want to capture and manipulate packets in JavaScript? A few reasons:
+tested and very fast. Why would anybody want to do such low level things like packet capture and analysis
+in JavaScript? A few reasons:
* JavaScript makes writing event-based programs very natural. Each packet that is captured generates an
event, and as higher level protocols are decoded, they might generate events as well. Writing code to handle

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