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@@ -38,21 +38,13 @@ If you want to raise a pull-request with a new feature, or a refactoring
of existing code, it may well get rejected if you haven't discussed it on
the [mailing list](!forum/node-red) first.
-### Contributor License Agreement
+All contributors need to sign the JS Foundation's Contributor License Agreement.
+It is an online process and quick to do. You can read the details of the agreement
-In order for us to accept pull-requests, the contributor must first complete
-a Contributor License Agreement (CLA). This clarifies the intellectual
-property license granted with any contribution. It is for your protection as a
-Contributor as well as the protection of IBM and its customers; it does not
-change your rights to use your own Contributions for any other purpose.
+If you raise a pull-request without having signed the CLA, you will be prompted
+to do so automatically.
-You can download the CLAs here:
- - [individual](
- - [corporate](
-If you are an IBMer, please contact us directly as the contribution process is
-slightly different.
### Coding standards

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