@knolleary knolleary released this May 10, 2018 · 439 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • Add clone project to welcome screen
  • Handle cloning a project without package.json
  • Keep remote branch state in sync between editor and runtime

New Features

  • Add type checks to switch node options (#1714)
  • add output property select to HTML parse node (#1701)
  • Add Prevent Following Redirect to HTTP Request node (#615) (#1684)
  • Add debug and trace functions to function node (#1654)
  • Enable user defined icon for subflow
  • Add MQTT disconnect message and rework broker node UI (#1719)
  • Japanese message catalogue updates (#1723)
  • Show node load errors in the Palette Manager view

Editor Fixes

  • Highlight subflow node when log msg comes from inside Fixes #1698
  • Ensure node wires array is not longer than outputs value Fixes #1678
  • Allow importing an unknown config node to be undone Fixes #1681
  • Ensure keyboard shortcuts get saved in runtime settings Fixes #1696
  • Don't mark a subflow changed when actually modified nothing (#1665)

Node Fixes

  • bind to correct port when doing udp broadcast/multicast (#1686)
  • Provide full error stack in Function node log message (#1700)
  • Fix http request doc type Fixes #1690
  • Make debug slightly larger to pass WCAG AA rating
  • Make core nodes labels more consistent, to close #1673
  • Allow template node to be updated more than once Fixes #1671
  • Fix the problem that output labels of switch node sometimes disappear (#1664)
  • Chinese translations for core nodes (#1607)

Runtime Fixes

  • Handle and display for invalid flow credentials when project is disabled #1689 (#1694)
  • node-red-pi: fix behavior with old bash version (#1713)
  • Fix ENOENT error on first start when no user dir (#1711)
  • Handle null error object in Flow.handleError Fixes #1721
  • update settings comments to describe how to setup for ipv6 (#1675)
  • Remove credential props after diffing flow to prevent future false positives Fixes #1359
  • Log error if settings unavailable when saving user settings Fixes #1645
  • Keep backup of .config.json
  • Add warning if using _credentialSecret from .config.json
  • Filter req.user in /settings to prevent potentially leaking info