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@knolleary knolleary released this Oct 14, 2019 · 68 commits to master since this release

1.0.2: Maintenance Release


  • Allow node.status() to be passed number/bool types
  • Allow node emitted events to have multiple arguments
  • #2323 Fixed docstrings to have them match the function signature (name of parameters).
  • #2318 NLS: Unify translations of "boolean"


  • Ensure node status is refreshed whenever node is edited
  • #2315 #2316 Ensure z property included in full message debug payload
  • #2321 Fixed editor.json (JA nls)
  • #2313 Fix element to collapse items in visual JSON editor
  • #2314 Insert divider in menu by calling'id', null);


  • Change: Fixup use of node.done
  • #2322 Template: Fix invalid JSON data in template node docs
  • #2320 File: Fixed a typo in 10-file.html (JA nls)
  • #2312 Template: Remove unnecessary comma in help text
  • #2319 Inject: Interval of inject node should be 596 hours or less.
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