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Inconsistency with prefixed elements #15

frane opened this Issue · 3 comments

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The getChild, getChildren and getChildText methods behave inconsistently on prefixed elements.


el = ltx.parse('<root><x:foo>bar</x:foo></root>');

// result: 'bar'

// result: null

// result: null -> can't try getText :-)

// result: 'bar'

getChildText uses to find the child while getChildren, and thus getChild, uses this.getName(). However, this behavior should be consistent to avoid confusion and bugs.

node-XMPP member

Agreed. Thanks for reporting.

I'm removing the ability to specify the prefix at all. Pass a full namespace instead. I hope you don't see this as a limitation, prefixes depend on specific implementations and you shouldn't hard code any.

node-XMPP member

Released in 0.2.2

@astro astro closed this

Your solution works for me. The methods are consistent now and your argument hardcoded prefixes is absolutely valid.
Thanks for fixing!

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