Bootstraped Admin GUI addon for mongoose, jugglingdb, or just as a form generator
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Bootstraped Admin GUI addon for Mongoose, JugglingDB, or just as a form generator. Originally forked from mongoose-admin.

Build Status


Example Usage

var express = require('express'),
    app = express();

require('formage').init(app, express, models);

Look at the \example directory.


// Site-wide options, and their default values
require('formage').init(app, express, models, {
    title: 'Admin',
    root: '/admin',
    default_section: 'main',
    username: 'admin',
    password: 'admin',
    admin_users_gui: true

Model options

var model = new mongoose.model('songs', schema);

// external files specific to this model
model.header_lines = [
   '<script src="/js/songs.js"></script>',
   '<style href="/css/songs.css"></style>'

model.formage = {
    // one-document models
    is_single: true,

    // labels
    label: 'My Songs',
    singular: 'Song',

    filters: ['artist', 'year'],

    // additional actions on this model
    actions: [
          id: 'release',
          label: 'Release',
          func: function (user, ids, callback) {
             console.log('You just released songs ' + ids);

    // list of fields to be displayed by formage for this model
    list: ['number', 'title', 'album', 'artist', 'year'],
    // order documents, save order in this field (type: Number)
    sortable: 'order',

    // list of order fields
    order_by: ['-year', 'album', 'number'],

    // list of fields that must be populated
    // (see
    list_populate: ['album'],

    // list of fields on which full-text search is available
    search: ['title', 'album', 'artist']


Formage comes with the following built-in fields, but custom fields can be written if needed.

You can pass options to the underlying fields and widgets:

var schema = new mongoose.Schema({
    artist: { type: String, label: 'Who made it?' },
    location: { type: Schema.Types.GeoPoint, widget_options: { lang: 'nl' }}

(The map widget lang setting is a two-letter ISO 639-1 code.)